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Since 2023

Malanai’s mission is helping the Native Hawaiian Community to prosper, while helping our clients to address their challenges, and helping each other to be successful.

  • Hard-working:

    We are persistent and work hard for our clients to deliver quality products and services.

  • Empathetic:

    We have empathy and compassion for our clients, each other, and the Native Hawaiians we work to support.

  • Leadership:

    We have the courage to do the right thing, have integrity, support each other, and lead by example to those around us

  • Purposeful:

    We work with purpose and determination to deliver the highest quality products and services, while providing a positive impact to the Native Hawaiian Communities we support.

  • Inclusive:

    We see, value, and embrace people of all backgrounds and diverse characteristics, at every level, without judgement or prejudice.

  • Noble:

    We uphold high moral principles and ideals while engaging with elevated character virtues.

  • Growth-Mindset:

    We see obstacles as opportunities and can tackle new challenges. Our talents and skills can be improved with effort and persistence, and we see failure as an opportunity to learn.


Successful DoD Experience

Over 25 years of leadership experience supporting large-scale projects meeting the specific technology and staffing needs of the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marines, US Department of Defense, and other Federal agencies around the world.

Quality Procurement

Efficient IT & Communications procurement options through partnerships with industry leaders such as: Cisco, Dell, EMC, HP, Apple, Extron, AMX, and other top tier technology brands. Proficient in multi-location logistics and supply chain management and compliant in ISO standards 9001, 27001, and 20000-1.

Expert, Specialized Service

Elite Team of high-level network, systems, and software engineers who design, implement, configure, and test custom communications solutions for secure and non-secure environments. Skilled technicians and installers support ISP / OSP voice, copper, and fiber requirements worldwide, providing ad-hoc and turn-key solutions. Experienced, specialized training for field and tactical environments.

Supporting the Native Hawaiian Community

Malanai directly supports the mission of Nā Ala Ea; to actively assert and defend the cultural traditional and intellectual property rights of the Native Hawaiian people, our Kupuna and cultural practitioners. Our goal is to protect, respect, and promote the inherent rights of Native Hawaiian people that derive from political, economic and social structures, and from our culture, spiritual traditions, histories and philosophies especially our rights/kuleana to our lands, territories and resources.


Program and Project Management
Program & Project
Program & Project Management

Our Program and Project Management Services focus on integrated solutions designed to enhance the performance of your program and individual projects.

Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain
Supply Chain Management

Our Supply Chain Management Services focus on improving supply chains to become more resilient, responsive, and sustainable.

Cyber Security and Information Assurance
Cyber Security &
Information Assurance
Cyber Security & Information Assurance

Our Cyber Security and Information Assurance Services focus on helping our clients manage security risks, and to defend and protect their IT infrastructures from cyber-attacks and breaches.


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